Groovebox: Granular Groove Finder

For my synthesis/timbre project, I wanted to make something with the granular synth in Tone.js. I was thinking about different interfaces that differed from the standard use case, and I made an interface with three dots which can be placed in the box to set parameters. The sample used is a loop of congas, but the way the ranges are set up allows it to be chopped up into a lot of different drum grooves.

The interface is industrial and minimal, which, to me, feels like granular synthesis, and the visuals that occur when moving the controllers on each axis reflect what property is being changed. I played around with it for around 10 minutes and was able to get a lot of sampleable loops out of it; sometimes you’re able to find a cool grove from it very quickly, and sometimes it feels like you’re searching forever for something that sounds coherent.

Try it here!

Tools Used: Tone.js, p5.js